Every Day Minerals Makeup Review: Foundation and Concealer

Everyday Minerals is a foundation makeup I recent decided to try when my Sheer cover ran out. I heard of Everyday Minerals through a friend and knew they offered a free sample kit that you could pick up for your local boho boutique. Specifically I bought the foundation in Original Fawn and the Consealer in Fair.


Everyday Minerals applies just like every other mineral product I have used before. You use an application brush. Tap some of the powder into the lid of the jar. Dip your brush in the powder, then brush on your face. One difference I found was that the concealer for Everyday minerals was powder, where as in products like Sheercover you get the traditional liquid concealer pressed into a tiny compact. For me the concealer from Everyday minerals did nothing. It did not cover the 2 age spots on my face. I do not have dark circles, so I am not to sure how that would work.


For the most part Everyday Minerals looks a lot like other powdered mineral makeups, but with one expectation. This is by far the driest mineral makeup I have tried so far. I have dry skin, so I bought the Original formula, which said it worked great at adding glow to dry skin. I also moisturize heavily before applying. I do let the cream soak in few minutes before applying the powder. My face looked powdery, but felt ok. I applied more lotion to help fight the dry powdery look. I am going to finish using this product, but this will keep me from buying it again.


The feel is ok, lightweight, and simply jest dry. It looks good until you look closely and can see all the powder. It also came off easily on my clothing. My skin still felt soft and there was no oily shine at all.


Now, the prices are simply cheaper for Everyday Minerals, which is important. You can buy the different piece for as low as $8 for the powder foundations all the way up to higher priced packages. It is by far the most affordable mineral lowered foundation I have tried.


Overall, I like the price; I hate the dry powdery look. I am going to stick to my other mineral powders for now, but do not mind finishing up using what I bought. I just plan on adding some daily moisturizer on top so I do not look powdery and dry.