Shake-Up Your Style

Shake-Up Your Style

Outfit challenges – sometimes I find I like to set myself a challenge. For example, I may challenge myself to wear something stripey everyday. Or maybe I’ll find an “icon” and be inspired by their style to create something of my own (note I said be inspired not copy…). It’s all about experimenting and going outside your normal comfort zone can open your eyes up to a whole new way of thinking.

Small additions to your wardrobe – whilst buying a brand new set of clothes isn’t going to work, small additions could help revive your faith in your wonderful taste (you know you have it!). Think tights, socks, jewellery… why not get that wacky hat just because you love it?! I’m not saying steer away from clothes completely, because by all means, if you find a fabby dress, treat yourself; but for those of us who are maybe lacking in excessive funds (or have an inability to spend money!), don’t forget that smaller things can make a big impact too! And often, accessories such as tights can be incorporated more easily with what you already have. Just some food for thought…

Read some mood-lifting articles – you find these especially abundant on some blogs, the first one that springs to mind is iCiNG of course, but I’m sure there are plenty of other about too. It doesn’t just have to be in the niche of blogs, it’s just that I happen to find the personal touch of blogs easier to relate to than those women’s magazine type articles. Maybe that’s just me though.

Change your sources – if you’re an avid thrifter, why not try hand-making something? Or if you’re a high street nut, why not go to a vintage shop? Your great aunt’s dressing up box, that small boutique on the corner that creeps you out a bit… keep an open mind and anywhere/anything can be a style haven.

Swap parties – so I’ve never actually tried one of these, but I really want to! The basic idea is that you collect together your wardrobe cast-offs and then gather with your friends who’ve done the same and just swap clothes with each other. The result is that you’ve purged those clothes that you don’t like (and are getting you down?) and get a whole new bunch of stuff in the process!

As they say, one (wo)man’s rubbish is another (wo)man’s treasure.Okay, I feel a bit foolish doing how-tos because I don’t feel much like a wise old agony aunt! Nonetheless, I’m sure it’s not just me who goes through periods of feeling totally stumped by clothes. You’ve heard some of the things I try, but what do you do to get yourself out of a style slump? The wackier the better!