How to rock a boho jumpsuit this winter

Winter is undoubtedly one of the most difficult seasons for dressing up. Nothing seems to work in your favor. Hair gets limp, skin gets dry and no amount clothing seems enough to keep the coldness away. So how do you keep up with a boho look amidst all of this? Wearing dresses are out of the question. You can, however, opt for boho jumpsuits to add an equal amount of glamor. These are basically pants and a top attached together. So you can also add layers from beneath to keep yourself warm. Given below are some ideas for adding glam to your boho jumpsuit during the winter.  Check your local boho stores for the below looks.

  1. Add a statement belt

Nothing looks as chic as a solid colored jumpsuit with a wide waistband. If you are wearing this to work, wear a neutral shade with a neutral belt. This itself will be enough to create a powerful statement look. However, if you are wearing the look for parties, choose a dark color like black with a polished metal belt buckle. You can wear this look with high heels, block heels as well as pointed flats, according to your preference.

  1. Jewelry

Unless you add in some jewelry, the jumpsuit is not going to save the look all by itself. To make a strong impact, choose elaborate pieces of jewelry. Winter does not accept nonsense. So go bold with some statement pieces like broad chunky necklaces and collar cuffs. If you are wearing one statement piece, keep the rest of your look simple or your getup might end up looking too over the top. Gold, silver, and copper jewelry are the best to counter the chill of the winters and stay glamorous.

  1. Blazer

If you have never worn a blazer over a jumpsuit, then you definitely have no idea what this can do to your look. It can immediately add tons of importance and professionalism to your look. It makes you look like as if you are up to something important. So If you love being in the limelight, then you will also love this look. You can either wear similar tones for the jumpsuit and the blazer or go for color contrast. Either way, you will end up looking chic. However, if you are going for a color contrast, keep the blazer to the lighter shade and the jumpsuit to a darker one.

  1. Printed jumpsuit

There is no standard rule that you have to wear solid colored jumpsuits during the winter. In fact, you can take the liberty of choosing bold and colorful prints. This will also look very cheerful, especially during gloomy winters. There are many cool prints available in attractive colors. So do not be afraid to go out and add a pop of bright color to your wardrobe. It will be a huge comfort for you as well as  the onlookers.

  1. Fur scarf

It may be a little too early for fur coats, but it definitely is not early for the fur scarves. Fur scarf with jumpsuits, add to that a pair of cool sunglasses and high heels. If you try this one out, you may find it impossible to part with the look.

  1. Jumpsuit with boots

Take a jumpsuit that is long enough, but rests well above your ankles. The jumpsuit can be printed as well as solid colored. Throw a thick cape or a jacket over the top and complete the look with glossy ankle boots. This will immediately add a cool uniqueness to your look and transform you to a carrier of high fashion. Remember that in this look, the boots are the main focus, so make sure that your jumpsuit allows enough space for the boots to stand out. Also, to nail this boho glam style, the rest of the look should complement the footwear and not set it apart.

  1. Casual look

Jumpsuits can also be worn in a casual way. For this, you will again have to stick to a solid colored one and wear a casual comfy denim jacket over the top. You may also wear a rugged leather jacket depending on your preference. For the footwear, choose converse or vans. This will uplift the look further and also keep you warm.

Homemade Pasta Sauce With Your Electric Pasta Machine

Homemade Pasta Sauce With Your Electric Pasta Machine

The act of making pasta sauce is, for some, a form of art. Cooking said recipe enables them to bring their own unique and distinct touches to it. But in case you do not have your own recipe yet as regards making homemade pasta sauce, below is an easy and quick step guide to help you out.

The initial step in making homemade pasta sauce is to prepare the ingredients. First, have ½ of a small onion chopped. Second, you need to chop ½ of a zucchini into half inches. Third, have 2 small sweet peppers, 1 green and 1 yellow, diced. And fourth, crush 3 large garlic cloves. Now have these vegetables set aside and keep them separate. The next step is to have a large pot filled with water and boil the same. While waiting, you need to have an ice water bath set up, which is composed of a big mixing bowl filled with ice cubes and cold water. You should also prepare your pasta extruder before making the sauce.

electric pasta machine

Now, you need to drop a maximum of fresh tomatoes in the boiling water and when you see that their skin is beginning to split, have them removed and immediately place in the bath you prepared earlier. Wait for about 2 minutes before removing the tomatoes and put them on your cutting board. After, carefully peel the tomatoes’ skin using your fingers or a paring knife. Do this to all the tomatoes that you have and once you are done, you would have to cut in half each tomato and remove the seeds. The next step in making homemade pasta sauce would be to have the tomatoes roughly chopped and placed in a food processor. When done, you need to place the tomato in a pot filled with 2 inches of water over medium heat. Add olive oil, salt, and sugar depending on your taste. While waiting for it to simmer, you need to sauté the vegetables you prepared earlier and when ready, add the tomato mix. Stir the mixture and that’s it! You pasta sauce is done.

This recipe on homemade pasta sauce is pretty basic. You are free to add your own touch to it if you want to make the recipe your own.

Resource: WannaPasta article

Every Day Minerals Makeup Review: Foundation and Concealer

Everyday Minerals is a foundation makeup I recent decided to try when my Sheer cover ran out. I heard of Everyday Minerals through a friend and knew they offered a free sample kit that you could pick up for your local boho boutique. Specifically I bought the foundation in Original Fawn and the Consealer in Fair.


Everyday Minerals applies just like every other mineral product I have used before. You use an application brush. Tap some of the powder into the lid of the jar. Dip your brush in the powder, then brush on your face. One difference I found was that the concealer for Everyday minerals was powder, where as in products like Sheercover you get the traditional liquid concealer pressed into a tiny compact. For me the concealer from Everyday minerals did nothing. It did not cover the 2 age spots on my face. I do not have dark circles, so I am not to sure how that would work.


For the most part Everyday Minerals looks a lot like other powdered mineral makeups, but with one expectation. This is by far the driest mineral makeup I have tried so far. I have dry skin, so I bought the Original formula, which said it worked great at adding glow to dry skin. I also moisturize heavily before applying. I do let the cream soak in few minutes before applying the powder. My face looked powdery, but felt ok. I applied more lotion to help fight the dry powdery look. I am going to finish using this product, but this will keep me from buying it again.


The feel is ok, lightweight, and simply jest dry. It looks good until you look closely and can see all the powder. It also came off easily on my clothing. My skin still felt soft and there was no oily shine at all.


Now, the prices are simply cheaper for Everyday Minerals, which is important. You can buy the different piece for as low as $8 for the powder foundations all the way up to higher priced packages. It is by far the most affordable mineral lowered foundation I have tried.


Overall, I like the price; I hate the dry powdery look. I am going to stick to my other mineral powders for now, but do not mind finishing up using what I bought. I just plan on adding some daily moisturizer on top so I do not look powdery and dry.

Shake-Up Your Style

Shake-Up Your Style

Outfit challenges – sometimes I find I like to set myself a challenge. For example, I may challenge myself to wear something stripey everyday. Or maybe I’ll find an “icon” and be inspired by their style to create something of my own (note I said be inspired not copy…). It’s all about experimenting and going outside your normal comfort zone can open your eyes up to a whole new way of thinking.

Small additions to your wardrobe – whilst buying a brand new set of clothes isn’t going to work, small additions could help revive your faith in your wonderful taste (you know you have it!). Think tights, socks, jewellery… why not get that wacky hat just because you love it?! I’m not saying steer away from clothes completely, because by all means, if you find a fabby dress, treat yourself; but for those of us who are maybe lacking in excessive funds (or have an inability to spend money!), don’t forget that smaller things can make a big impact too! And often, accessories such as tights can be incorporated more easily with what you already have. Just some food for thought…

Read some mood-lifting articles – you find these especially abundant on some blogs, the first one that springs to mind is iCiNG of course, but I’m sure there are plenty of other about too. It doesn’t just have to be in the niche of blogs, it’s just that I happen to find the personal touch of blogs easier to relate to than those women’s magazine type articles. Maybe that’s just me though.

Change your sources – if you’re an avid thrifter, why not try hand-making something? Or if you’re a high street nut, why not go to a vintage shop? Your great aunt’s dressing up box, that small boutique on the corner that creeps you out a bit… keep an open mind and anywhere/anything can be a style haven.

Swap parties – so I’ve never actually tried one of these, but I really want to! The basic idea is that you collect together your wardrobe cast-offs and then gather with your friends who’ve done the same and just swap clothes with each other. The result is that you’ve purged those clothes that you don’t like (and are getting you down?) and get a whole new bunch of stuff in the process!

As they say, one (wo)man’s rubbish is another (wo)man’s treasure.Okay, I feel a bit foolish doing how-tos because I don’t feel much like a wise old agony aunt! Nonetheless, I’m sure it’s not just me who goes through periods of feeling totally stumped by clothes. You’ve heard some of the things I try, but what do you do to get yourself out of a style slump? The wackier the better!